About (unofficial)

I’m crazy for dogs. I’m serious. If I could move to the woods with fifty dogs, write all day and somehow survive, I wouldn’t waste another second. Dogs are awesome. Luckily, I have one, the @nobullybulldog.
Besides dogs, I love running. If I tell you I’m going for a run and will get back to you after, you can consider yourself lucky. I get the best ideas while running. It’s my magic cure against creativity block. Works every time.
My grandma has a folder with all the poems and short stories I ever sent her. Going through it gives me the creeps. I was one weird kiddo. My other grandma has a whole drawer of paintings. I loved drawing, coloring and painting as a kid and recently discovered sketching again. No colors, only plain black on white.
My favorite person ever is David Bowie. He has literally inspired my whole life. I’m obsessed not only with his music but also any kind of interview snippet I can find. I’m 100% sure David Bowie is my spirit animal.
I’m as introverted as it gets. I pick my friends carefully and could spend days by myself writing, reading, dancing, running…I only make exceptions for animals and my love. Fun Fact: Everybody always thinks I’m an extrovert. Being a good conversationalist and having a thing for sarcasm does not make you extroverted, people!
In an ideal world I would live in a tiny town by the sea with great trees all around and no phone reception (some wifi, maybe). My red brick house would be a few miles away, yet my office would be located right above the local whiskey bar – serving an eclectic selection – owned by me. I would write and read and serve whiskey and have dogs and be at peace.


David Bowie
Neil Gaiman
Charles Bukowski
Paul Klee
Mr Olsson


Modern Art
Interior Design
Thrifting, cooking, exploring

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